Peter and the Wolf - a new collaboration of the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet and Ari Teperberg.


Sergei Prokofiev’s famous and beloved tale arranged for a wind quintet in a new and colorful version combining music, theater and movement with props and costumes designed by Mai Aylon.


In this show the players themselves are also the story tellers, moving on stage to portray the different characters. They act and play the familiar story with its  dramatic turn of events, all the way until the happy end... The children meet the various wind instruments and witness the wonder of chamber music making.


This is the second project of the Quintet with Ari Teperberg, following the success of the staged version of Luciano Berio’s ‘Opus Number Zoo’. The premiere tour included during summer 2019 includes performances in the ‘Voice of Music in the Upper Galilee’ Chamber Music Festival and in the Train Theater’s ‘International Jerusalem Puppet Festival’.


Supported by the Patrick and Lina Drahi foundation 

Pictures by Shibolet Shachar and Yair Meyuhas‎‏

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