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"A charming chamber arrangement of "Peter and the Wolf". The Tel Aviv Wind Quintet members, directed by Ari Teperberg, have created a new format... Five players are responsible for the solo parts, the orchestral playing, and even the narration, the story telling, and the acting. This format works particularly well thanks to the talents of Quintet... the excellent playing of this group was no surprise, but the graceful and humorous theatrical presentation made this show especially enjoyable"

Amir Mandel, 'Weekly recommendation', Ha'aretz, 25.11.2020

“One of the leading and most interesting ensembles in the local scene - the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet... five talented musicians present a noble exchange of chamber music”

Gali Margalit, Spot It Magazine, 4.6.2020

“Excelling in judicious shaping of phrases and subtle sonorities... the artists’ presentation was polished and confrontational, but also entertaining...the TAWQ members gave fresh and vibrant expression to the piece... produced a finely compatible, evocative canvas. Danny Erdman’s playing was polished, whimsical and suitably teasing... concluding an evening of fine performance and variety”

Pamela Hickman's concert critique blog, 17.2.2020

“The excellent musicians of the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet present a new and ambitious version to Prokofiev’s famous piece… the audience reaction demonstrated the power of the combination between music and theatre”

Amir Mandel, 'Weekly recommendation', Ha'aretz 3.10.2019

“In the last decade, the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet is a high-level chamber ensemble made of excellent musicians… the program, as usual with this group, arouses curiosity”

Amir Mandel, 'Weekly recommendation', Ha'aretz 30.5.2019

“The Quintet members subtly played into the dissonances of Mozart’s lush harmonic language in a rich blending of timbres...With much lively and expressive dialogue between flute and clarinet, the players were convincing in setting out Bach’s trio construction, dynamic energy and elegance... The players gave Rossini's work much Italian sparkle and joie-de-vivre, also, highlighting the pensive, expressive character of the Andante movement... The playing gave poignant expression to the work’s many layers... The players also brought out its mix of wit and cynicism. The TAWQ’s performance showed that music that is complex in its own terms can still be easily accessible to the ear. The Quintet's articulacy, technical teamwork, finesse and richness of tone produced a congenial soupçon of pizzazz” 

Pamela Hickman's concert critique blog, 27.5.2020

"The audience was fascinated and applauded enthusiastically for a few minutes... the quintet exceeded the high expectations with a moving and touching performance. The musicians are all top-class soloists with the best international education and experience, interpreting old and contemporary works equally well"

Die Rheinpfalz, 8.10.2018

"A memorable and emotional concert… Great virtuosity... very lively, excellent performance... full house, long applause"

Blick-aktuell, 8.10.2018

"The quintet excited the audience with pieces by Bach, Verdi, Rossini, Weill and Hindemith. The long and loud applause did not let the players get off the stage"

Stadzeitung Bad-Neuenahr Ahrweiler, October 2018

"Five top of the line musicians"

Mainz Allgemeine Zeitung, October 2018

"At the heart of the festival we discovered exceptional musicians... a beacon on their own Mediterranean shores... they played through a program that explores three centuries of music history with virtuosity and talent"

Jacques Freschel, Zibeline Journal, 21.8.2018

"The works in the quintet's album draw a portrait that should be named, without exaggeration, a perfect concert"

Haggai Hitron, Ha'aretz 30.7.2018

"Editor’s choice: The program of 'Live', the quintet's second album, was tastefully chosen and combines the classical grace of Mozart and Rossini, along with unusual presence of the 20th century - Weill, Berio, Francaix; In between comes the romantic peak in a form of a successful arrangement of Till Eulenspiegel by Richard Strauss. Everything is presented very well as usual, eloquently played, inviting further listening and deepening in the experience"

Amir Kidron, Music4awhile, 20.7.2018

"The Tel Aviv Wind Quintet conquered the hearts of the public in Bern! It was an exciting evening full of emotion, magical sounds and interesting explanations, all spiced with humor. The young and energetic Israeli musicians caught the listener's attention from the first note - they were musical, full of expression and charisma..." 

Neuland magazine, July 2018

"A vigorous tour of the excellent wind quintet"

Amir Mandel, 'Weekly recommendation', Ha'aretz 26.4.2018

"An adventure…musical kaleidoscope demonstrating various styles in the Israeli woodwind repertoire… such a colorful and complex concert depends mostly on the performance – that was entrusted to the excellent Tel Aviv Wind Quintet"

Amir Mandel, 'Weekly recommendation', Ha'aretz 18.1.2018

“As they usually do, the members of the excellent Quintet will present a program which is an exciting journey between styles and musical eras”  

Amir Mandel, 'Weekly recommendation', Ha'aretz 31.8.2017


"The young Israeli musicians captured the audience from the very first note with beautiful and sensitive interpretations all throughout the evening…The warm sound of the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet and singer Einat Aronstein filled the hall…The eloquent explanations of the quintet members accompanied together with the vivid interpretations of the ensemble fascinated the audience and made the evening into a wonderful journey”

Tachles – the Swiss-Jewish Community Magazine, 7.2017

“Editor’s choice: an hour of delight with the debut album of the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet. It shows the uniqueness of the ensemble - professional sound and varied repertoire which aims to support the local and contemporary compositions without neglecting the classics, that too with a refreshing point of view…The album begins with beautiful arrangements of Mordechai Rechtman to pieces by Bach and Beethoven, played in a polished and refined manner by the group. The conservative listener shouldn’t be afraid of Ari Ben-Shabetai’s thrilling ‘Winks’ which was composed especially for the Quintet. The excellent playing will convince even the ‘Piazzola snobs’ to hear the concluding Libertango”

Amir Kidron, Music4awhile, 21.5.2017

“Making full use of stage, the TAWQ players delivered both music and repartee in a masterly, brisk and polished manner… energy, humor and precision in the performance. The artists indeed captured the Rossini soundscape, as the work showcased each of these fine players in its gamut of melodies, jocularity, elegance and vivacity. Solos were accompanied with elegance. The TAWQ players launched their sophisticated interpretational skills… the quintet’s substantial, richly spiced joint sound gave fine representation to the work’s revolutionary satire… the TAWQ and Kohlberg’s performance of it was strategically timed, finely coordinated, colorful, dynamic and decidedly whimsical…each member of the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet is a unique artist and soloist on the international scene.... outstanding, home-grown musicians, fine programming and deep enquiry into each work made for an evening of high quality performance and pure enjoyment”

Pamela Hickman's concert critique blog, 3.5.2017

“Not to be missed! For those curious to hear an excellent quintet…

original and exciting program, wonderful!”  

Hanoch Ron, Yedioth Ahronoth 28.4.2017


“An intensive concert tour in addition to a unique combination of pieces.

A varied, interesting and colorful program in each concert”

Amir Mandel, 'Weekly recommendation', Ha'aretz 27.4.2017


"The Tel-Aviv Wind Quintet is an excellent woodwind ensemble, it was established seven years ago and stands out in the chamber music scene thanks to a high performance level and a varied, intriguing repertoire. Their first CD is exactly the kind of albums that break the routine and which I will hurry and buy... a promising program, especially for those who admire the special sound of a wind quintet... a curiously colorful and enjoyable cocktail of tones"

Amir Mandel, 'Weekly recommendation', Haaretz 22.12.2016



"The Tel Aviv Wind Quintet is an excellent woodwind ensemble with wide repertoire, from early baroque to contemporary music… delightful recordings of the quintet, one of the best performances I've heard"

Amir Mandel, 'Weekly recommendation', Ha'aretz 1.9.2016


"The quintet is rising, run to listen!"

Hanoch Ron, Yedioth Ahronoth, 26.8.2016


"Sensitive & enjoyable performance"

Amir Kidron, Music4awhile, 24.12.2015

"The best wind players in Israel"

Haggai Hitron, Ha'aretz 26.2.2014


"Tel Aviv Wind Quintet, young and energetic wind ensemble, presented an exciting program… the audience was grateful for the discovery of musical treasures in the concert, this ensemble is the official refreshment of the summer!"

Hagy Averbuch,, 7.6.2011

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