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News from the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet -

December 2017

Dear friends,

Happy Hanukkah!


The winter in Israel is still somewhat summery but we stick to our plans and prepare our seasonal concert tour with a beautiful program.

All the details are below, in addition to a new upload of an unusual video.

Opus Number Zoo is in the Air!

It was in March 2016 that We performed ‘Opus Number Zoo’ for the first time. In the original version of Berio’s brilliant quintet each musician tells a part of the animals’ tale in his turn: The fatal dance of the fox and the chicken, the horse witnessing the horrors of war, the old cynical mouse and the epic fight between the two cats.

We allowed ourselves to add some small updates to the original Hebrew translation in order to make the piece more accessible for today’s audiences.

From the very first moment we felt that the witty texts and the lively music have a potential for further exploration. We took a step further with the piece in order to create something extraordinary. We decided to learn the parts by heart and together with the emerging theater director Ari Teperberg we prepared a staged version, in which we act, move and dance freely on stage. All of that while playing and telling the story at the same time.

That was an ambitious project, first of a kind for our group. After a year of intense work  we performed the piece in its new form in April 2017. Since then it wins the hearts of the audience over and over again every time we perform it all over Israel.

The recording was done in the Israel Conservatory in Tel Aviv. It will be published in our new live CD in the beginning of 2018.

Winter concert tour 2017/18

We will perform Jean Francaix’s first wind quintet  for the first time, one of the greatest  wind compositions of the 20th century


Our upcoming tour will take us for the first time to Kibbutz Gan-Shmuel and to the music center in Ramat-Gan; In Akko conservatory and in the Gonenim music center in Jerusalem we will hold workshops for young musicians; we are also happy to return once more to the Studio theater in Haifa and to Ramat Ha’Nadiv in Zichron-Yaakov, where we will play a special concert for the entire family.

The different and varied programs can be seen in the brochure above - click on it to see more details.

The wonderful horn player Merav Goldman will join us for four concerts


A special concert will take place on January 20th in Assia gallery of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, in collaboration with the Felicja Blumental Music Center.

This concert will be dedicated to Israeli pieces for woodwind instruments. We will perform pieces by Joachim Stutschewsky, one of the founders of the Israeli musical scene, through some of the main composers active today, and up to the voice of the new generation, represented by Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari’s duets and Amit Gilutz’s Kylwiria:

An excerpt from Kylwiria,  written especially for us

Wishing you a new year full of light and beautiful music and hope to see you very soon!



The Tel Aviv Wind Quintet

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