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The American Dream

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Dear friends,

We are happy to invite you to our upcoming concerts in December.

The main piece in the program is Dvořák’s ‘American Quartet’ in a wonderful arrangement for wind quintet by David Walter. In this masterpiece the composer describes the American spirit and the endless landscapes he witnessed during his visit to the U.S. The second movement contains a prayer inspired by an Afro-American Spiritual which emphasizes the composer’s longing to his homeland.

Another Czech composer in our program is Pavel Haas. His music combines Bohemian and Moravian elements with Jewish folklore. The second movement in his Quintet op. 10 is a moving and meaningful prayer as well, turning into a wild dance in the following movement. The program also contains Mendelssohn’s virtuosic Scherzo from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (in F. Gabler’s arrangement), an early and graceful Duet for clarinet and bassoon by Beethoven, and the cheerful Klezmer quintet ‘Kleztet’ by Jean-Philippe Calvin.

We will perform this program three times:

Friday, December 10th at 21:00 in Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’Emek - Free admission;

Saturday, December 11th at 11:30 in a house concert hosted by the Wenkert family - Tickets purchase possible in advance only via email;

And on Friday, December 17th at 21:00 in the Bar-Uryan Concert Hall in Kibbutz Eilon - Tickets in the following link: