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To the New World

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Dear friends,

Spring is here and we are about to start a concert tour around Israel. We invite you to join our musical journey from central Europe to North America - the New World, as portrayed in one of Dvořák's greatest masterpieces, the 'American Quartet'. The program also features beautiful pieces by Zemlinsky, Calvin, and Zorman.

The Austrian-Jewish composer Alexander von Zemlinsky, born in 1971, was a protégé of Brahms. He became close friends with Mahler and Schoenberg later in his life, and both greatly influenced his music. Following the Nazis rise to power he escaped to the U.S. It is interesting that he chose to write his 'Humoreske' in 1939, perhaps as a form of a getaway from the bad news in Europe.

Jean-Philippe Calvin is a contemporary British-Jewish composer. His ‘Kleztet’ is an original and humorous wind quintet. It is based on Klezmer tunes from Eastern Europe and flavored with some inventive wind writing.

Moshe Zorman’s 'Suite' is also vivid and full of humor. The piece, written especially for us, skilfully combines a Viennese Waltz and a Middle-Eastern Dabke dance.

Our program will be concluded with one of Antonín Dvořák's greatest compositions, the ‘American Quartet', this time around in a wonderful arrangement for wind quintet by David Walter. The Czech composer also traveled from Europe to the U.S and in this piece he describes the atmosphere, the people and the landscape he saw in the new continent, combined with tunes and harmonies from his homeland.

For additional information and reservations click on the links below:

"And if one would listen very carefully, he could hear the duck quacking inside the wolf..." Photo credit - Yair Meyuhas

Peter and the Wolf in Raanana

Last chance in the current season to catch ‘Peter and the Wolf’ in our colorful version, directed by Ari Teperberg.

You are invited to join us with your families on Tuesday, April 5th at 17:00 in the Raanana Music Center. Tickets are running out! It is recommended to hurry and book in advance via the link.

Wishing you a happy Passover,

Members of the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet

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