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Eternal Youth - Winter tour 2024

Dear friends,

We hope you are all well in these challenging times. Please join us in our upcoming winter concert tour - 'Eternal Youth'. We hope the music might give you some comfort. 

In the upcoming tour we will play two different programs.

We are taking off tomorrow (Friday, 26.1), at the Recanati Auditorium of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of Music Cathedra’s concert series. Together with pianist Astrith Baltsan, we will present a program dedicated to Prokofiev. It includes premieres to two beautiful arrangements by Moshe Zorman: The Classical Symphony and the Overture on Hebrew Themes. In addition, we will perform the first movement from the flute sonata and of course - Peter and the Wolf in the theatrical version we’ve created with director Ari Teperberg.

This special program will be repeated seven more times in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. All the dates can be found in this link.

For tickets and additional details please contact Music Cathedra via email:

On Saturday, 10.2 we will return to the chamber series of the Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv. On this occasion we will play for the first time Janáček’s Youth, one of the masterpieces of the wind repertoire. Guest clarinetist Shira Eliassaf will join forces with us for this performance. Furthermore, we will pay tribute to Mordechai Rechtman (OBM), who passed away last year, with two of his major arrangements for quintet: Mozart’s wonderful Serenade in c minor and Brahms’ monumental Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel.

The program will conclude with a rare gem: Anton Reicha’s Andante in F, putting a spotlight on the english horn and its unique tone. Our oboist Dmitry Malkin will play the solo part.

Another chance to catch Janáček and Mozart will be possible on the tour’s concluding concert at the Jerusalem Music Centre on Tuesday, 13.2 as part of the ‘Seven at 7’ series, alongside a lecture by Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld.

Photo credit: Dan Erez. Brochure design: Anat Nazarathy

With hope for better days,

Members of the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet

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